The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook by Eric Chancy

The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook

Book Title: The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook

Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues

ISBN: 1937870332

Author: Eric Chancy

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Eric Chancy with The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook

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Obtaining a new school counseling position can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you are new to the school counseling profession or a veteran, acclimating to your new role involves a steep learning curve. Even in the same grade levels, the people who are your points-of-contact for the same process may have a different role and mode of operation. The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook is designed to shorten and moderate the learning curve by providing specific questions to ask in your new setting, reducing your legwork and maximizing your direct involvement with students and parents. These are the things you would learn gradually over time, and spend a great deal of time looking for the answers if you had to find them in a piecemeal fashion. Examples include: Building and District Personnel - Can I locate the key people with whom I will interact?Special Education - What is our state/district process, and with whom will I collaborate? Recordkeeping - Are there uniform procedures and documents we use for student evaluation? Transportation - How are services provided in the district, and what are the limits of which I should be aware?Technology - Are there specific software pieces on which I need training and assistance? School Health Services - What is available and who is our primary contact for student health concerns? When you utilize The Mechanics of School Counseling Workbook fully, you should have a wealth of current, relevant and important information at your disposal to assist your students, parents, teachers, colleagues, administrators and community. Grade levels PK-12.